“Here’s The Fastest Way To Become The Top Shooter In Your League…”

The Prolific Shooting Training System Includes:

Module 1: Prolific Shooting: Exposed ($197)

Here, we lay the foundation for your entire success as a Prolific Shooter. Nothing is held back. We detail everything you need to know to absolutely dominate both on the court, and in your training.

Most instructional DVD packages only scratch the surface of what’s possible for shooters with outdated and dumbed-down information. Not so in Prolific Shooting: Exposed. When you’re finished with module one, you’re going to have more raw knowledge about shooting mechanics, using screens, developing your stroke, and creating space on the floor than any of your coaches!

Here at my office, my personal coaching services start at $197, so when I say you’re getting a real $197 value here, that’s exactly what you’re getting.

And I’m not even close to being done…

Module 2: Unstoppable Scoring Moves ($97 Value)

This is where the rubber hits the road, and where we separate the real prolific shooters from the sub-par pretenders.

As we all know, without the ability to create shots for ourselves on the floor, we are doomed to being a one-dimensional “pure” shooter. In Unstoppable Scoring Moves, you’re going to get access to 12 of the deadliestscoring moves on earth, so that you’re never left without a scoring option, even against the toughest defenders in your league.

You’ll learn to not only create space at will against any type of defender, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to convert that open space into points on the scoreboard for you and your team.

You can easily add an extra 6-10 points per game (or more) to your scoring average using the techniques here in this module.

NOTE: These are NOT the same scoring moves that you will find in the Scoring Secrets system – when you combine these moves with your Scoring Secrets techniques, you will become flat-out unstoppable.

Module 3: How To Shoot 95% From The Free Throw Line ($47 Value)

Most basketball players are chronically sabotaging their free throw percentages – without even knowing it!

However, there is a simple, works-every-time formula that I’ve personally used to shoot over 95% from the line throughout my career. And now, I want to share it with you.

WARNING: This is NOT your typical “bounce the ball three times and follow through” type of training. Once you discover the free throw secrets I’m about to share with you in module 3, you will never look at shooting from the line the same way ever again!

Many players have reported an almost instant increase of 5-10% just by applying ONE of the “hand positioning” tricks that we teach within this module.

Module 4: The Lost Tapes ($67 Value)

This is raw, step-by-step workout footage of myself (and a training partner of mine) going through each and every workout in the entire program.

Most basketball DVDs will only give an overview of a few basic drills, with no real instruction. And because I grew up watching these frustrating instructional videos, I didn’t want to make The Lost Tapes anything like that.

This is why you get to see EVERYTHING that goes on behind the scenes during a real prolific shooting workout. Even the warmups. If we miss, you see it. If we slip up, you see it. In fact, at one point you’re going to see me slip on a spot of water and almost do the splits on a pullup jumper!

In any case, when you’re finished with module 4, you’re going to have anincredible understanding of every single drill progression within the program, and exactly how to perform them for maximum results in minimum time.

Module 5: The Gym Swipe File ($197 Value)

This is the full-on specs of the 16 week Prolific Shooting program.

We detail EVERYTHING – from what drills to perform and when, how to warmup, how to adjust your training during your season, how to integrate specific ball handling drills (for even better results!) and more…

You’re going to get insider access to all of our skill training secrets, and how we methodically tweak our programs to explode YOUR results.

Within this manual, you’re going to get the chance to realize what thousands of other players already have – that Prolific Shooting IS the most potent shot-training system on the planet. Period.

Again, here at my office my program design services start at $197, and you’re getting a full 4 months worth of some of the best, most strategic programming I’ve ever put together.

Module 6: The Youth Program ($197 Value)

I added this program to the package as a stepping stone for those who were a little too young to handle the full main program, and it works like a charm for preparing players for that next level.

I personally work with a 10 year old guard who used to struggle with his shooting. He is now averaging over 20 points per game and is hands-down the best shooter in his league. This is the program I use with him.

REMEMBER: Starting off with the wrong programming can ruin a player’s entire career. Start off on the right foot with the right programming, and you’ll become massively successful.

Module 7: Prolific Shooting Coaching Call ($47 Value)

Systematic audible learning has been instrumental in my success as a player, and I want to pass this secret on to you today.

While you go through your 16 week program, simply plug in this coaching call (at specific times that we will detail) and let it play in the background as you go about your daily tasks.

This will allow every important key factor in the Prolific Shooting training system to sink deep into your subconscious mind, and you will find yourself naturally performing perfectly, from your shooting mechanics to your decision making on the court.

Module 8: In-Season Domination ($197 Value)

Truly effective in-season training is what separates the big boys from the chumps on the basketball court.

If you can master the art of training during your season – REALLY master it – you will be making massive improvements in your game while everyone else is taking a step backwards.

Inside this module, you will find a full-on in-season training program, as well as a series of “sneaky tricks” that you can use to fend off harmful overtraining while you blast forward in your progress. Module 8 is truly a game-changer, and if you’re a player of action, this is your ticket to in-season superstardom.

We sell this system you see right here, Prolific Shooting, every single day for $97.

But the fact of the matter is, Prolific Shooting is a PERFECT fit for players who are already using Scoring Secrets – in fact, combining these two programs could very well double your results.

And since this is a one-time offer for new members of Scoring Secrets, you’re going to get the full system for our new-customer discount price of:

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