"Discover How To Rapidly Add 9-12 Points Per Game
To Your Scoring Average, And Become A Dominant,
Unstoppable, And Flat-Out UNGUARDABLE Force
On The Basketball Court!"

A Breakthrough Article From Taylor Allan, CEO Basketball Renegades

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“This is the ULTIMATE competitive advantage.”

Everyone who orders Scoring Secrets on day one of our launch sale will get FREE access to a hidden module of the program called “9 Minute Magic.”

The premise of this program is simple…

The best players aren’t always the most talented, they simply maximize the talent they already have inside of them… In 9 Minute Magic, YOU will maximize all of the skill that is already inside of you, all in 9 minutes or less.

We do this through a combination of wave-loaded drill patterns and high frequency overload training that strategically ramps up your ball handling and shooting skill over the course of one week, so that you are playing at your best when it COUNTS.

Again, this program is 100% FREE for all players who join between 12:01 am and 11:59 pm on Wednesday:

If You Aren’t Currently Scoring A Minimum Of 20 Points Per Game, Here’s Exactly What You Have Been Missing:

Dear Dedicated Basketball Player,

Have you ever experienced this before?

  • You work hard on your game, sometimes hours per day, but when game time finally rolls around it’s as though there’s an “invisible wall” blocking you from breaking through that 20 or 30 point barrier…
  • And even when you do sometimes have a “good” game, the very next game you end up getting shut down and only finish with an embarrassing 2 or 4 points…
  • It sometimes feels like your teammates don’t trust you enough to pass you the ball, and your coach favors all the other players over you even though you work harder than everyone else…
  • You KNOW your potential, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to reach your high expectations?
  • It’s painfully frustrating, and sometimes you feel as though other players know the secrets to “natural” and “effortless” scoring that you don’t…

Have you ever experienced this before?

Many players have, so the good news is that you’re not alone.

And if you haven’t found your way out yet, you need to know something…

Your suspicion IS true.

“There ARE Secrets To Scoring That Most Players Will Never Know…”

“… And The Players Who Have Discovered These Secrets Are Straight-Up Taking Over.”

These are players just like yourself, who have each wasted years on end struggling to reach their potential.

Players like Matt Lehner, who is currently averaging 25.8 points per game right now, and just recently dropped a WHOPPING 42 points in a state tournament game to take home MVP honors.

Here’s the story he sent me after the game:

“Averaging 25.8 Points. . . Scored 42 Points Last Game!”

“Your program has really changed the way I look at basketball training.

This season I am averaging 25.8 ppg, including the second highest single-game scoring high, of 42 points, in the state of Wisconsin. I am the best scorer in my city and I have led my team to a 5-1 record so far this season.

To any other players: If you follow “Scoring Secrets” you will become the best scorer you or your teammates know. Simple As That.”

- Matt Lehner

Pretty impressive numbers, right?

You’ll be seeing Matt play on TV very soon – mark my words.

But that’s not even close to the whole story…

Here’s another player, Ben Reyhani, who went from being “just a shooter” to becoming an all-around devastating scoring threat (check out his numbers below!)

“Gonna Finish The Year Scoring 26-28 Per Game!”

“I’ve been using the Defender Control technique from Scoring Secrets, and my scoring average has jumped 7 points since last season.

I used to be “just a shooter” when I played, but this season I’m averaging over 22 a game, and I’m doing it with drives, pull up jumpers, long threes, and basically everything.

When I add in some of the Scoring Without The Ball techniques, I’m Gonna finish the year scoring 26-28 per game.

Thanks again!

- Ben Reyhani

Even our “young gun” in the program, Chris Bullock, has been absolutely DOMINATING using these techniques on his AAU team (at 10 years old no less!)

“Scored 20 Points And Dropped 10 Assists To Win MVP”

“Just wanted to let you know that we got back from the tournament tonight.

Chris scored 20 points and had 10 assists in the Championship game, and took home MVP of the tournament.

This is the second AAU tournament we’ve been to since you sent over Scoring Secrets, and every game gets better.

Chris used a lot of the perimeter tricks from the program, and I think that’s going to be key for him going forward.

- Mark Bullock, Chris’ Father

And last but not least, our “fastest results humanly possible” prodigy, Modestas Masilionis, has been using these techniques to absolutely  explode his scoring average WITHOUT any additional training whatsoever (he just uses the tricks and techniques from the system):

“Sky Rocketed To The Next Level”

Yo Taylor, dude this program is by far the best one you came out with in my opinion. This program made me understand all of the secrets of the great players out there have in common. The Michaels, The kobes, The Ray Allens.

This program pretty much gave me everything I needed on how to become the most unstoppable player out there. From controlling my defender, to scoring without the ball, to finishing hard at the rim.

I always thought that you have to practice in order to get better and there was no other way to improve.Man, Was I wrong. Just by simply  watching the videos my game  has sky rocketed to the next level.

Honestly, out of all of the programs and DVDS I have watched out there, nothing comes even close to your stuff. NOTHING.

- Modestas Masilionis

You’ll get to hear from a few other players in just a minute, but first you need to know something important:

These players all have one thing in common:

They started from the bottom, like everyone else, and used VERY specific scoring techniques to finally break through to the top.

You can too – TODAY.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been in the same position you are in right now… And I made it out.

So read this next section VERY carefully, because inside, I will finally reveal to you…

“How I Scratched, Clawed, And Finally Dug Up The 5 Critical ‘Scoring Secrets’ Of The Pros, And Why You No Longer Have To…

…You Can Have Them ALL – Right Here, Right NOW.”

There’s something you really need to know…

Read this closely, and make sure that you learn from my nearly career-ending mistake…

See, I when I was growing up as a player, I worked HARD.

Some days I would head to the court at 9 am and not leave until 6 pm at night. It was exhaustingly brutal, mind-numbing work.

Now, the hard work wasn’t the mistake, obviously…

The mistake I made was continuing to work “hard”, when I should have been working smart.

As a result, I wasted YEARS of my career and saw my teammates shoot ahead of me…

  • They got picked first for the teams that I got CUT from…
  • They were named league all-stars while I sat and watched from the sidelines…
  • They were stacking MVP trophies in their room while I stared at my blank, empty walls, feeling as though my time was running out and that I’d never become the player I wanted to be.

There is no worse feeling in the world…

It’s as though your one shot, those few fragile years you have to make your hoop dreams come true – are running out… And there’s nothing you can do about it.

But finally I got FED UP the pain, the frustration and the embarrassment…

And I did something about it.

What follows is the unusual story of…

“How One Encounter With A 27 Year Old Italian Pro League Player Changed My Entire Career…”

One day at the gym, after one of my typical 5 hour marathon workouts, I ran into a fairly average looking player – maybe 6’1,” 200 pounds or so.

Despite his appearance, this guy absolutely RADIATED this unshakeable self-confidence that I can’t even describe…

It was as though he just KNEW that he was the best player in the gym, and that he could out-perform anyone he came up against.

And once the game started, it turned out to be true…

“This Guy Was The Craftiest Scorer I’d Ever Seen!”

If you gave him an inch, he could (and would!) bury jumpers in your face, and if you tried to play him tight he would send you reeling with a tiny twitch or a hard jab.

He could blast by ANYONE off the dribble, and finish around the rim against players 5 inches taller.

He was, in one word, flat-out….


Scoring just came “naturally” to him, he scored whenever and however he wanted, against any defender…

And he would do it all without hogging the ball, without forcing shots, and all within the natural flow of the game.

It didn’t take long to realize that I HAD to learn his secrets.

When I approached him about training that offseason, I almost CHOKED at the price….

It would be over $1200 to learn from him until my next season started!

Luckily, my dad was pretty cool about it. I’ll never forget what he told me the day I asked him:

“The most successful people in the world invest in their future… You HAVE to do this.”

And so I did.

That offseason was like a blur to me…

I learned so many tricks, so many little scoring techniques and tactics, that…

“For the first time in my life, I could literally FEEL my game changing every time I stepped onto the court…”

As soon as the season started, I knew it would be MY year.

In fact, after learning these secrets, I can confidently say that I NEVER got nervous before a game that season.

I just KNEW, deep down, that I had the secrets to scoring that most players would never know, and it gave me such an edge that I couldn’t be stopped.

The previous season, I only averaged 11 points per game, and had a handful of games where I never even scored a single basket…

But that year, after learning the Scoring Secrets that I’m about to share with you, I averaged over 24 points per game!

And I did it all…

  • Without selfishly hogging the ball…
  • Without forcing up shots that make coaches mad…
  • And all within the natural flow of the offense

Not bad for a player who nearly gave up entirely just one year earlier!

Now I obviously don’t say all this to brag.

I say it because I want to make sure that you know that if you haven’t yet been able to achieve your basketball goals…

It’s NOT Your Fault!

After all, only a select few players actually know the TRUE Scoring Secrets, and most coaches do a downright terrible job of teaching these skills… Some don’t even KNOW about them at all!

So let’s change that for you, right now, right here, right now, once and for all…

You’re about to discover…

“The 5 Critical Skills You MUST Master To Become An Unstoppable Scorer…”

And you must know – these aren’t the basic skills like “shooting,” or “ball handling” or anything like that.

These skills run much, much deeper…

They are what all the greatest scorers of all time have in common:

Watch The Video Below Right Now To Discover These 5 Skills Most Players Will Never Even Know About:

As you can see, when you put these techniques to work in your own game, you’re going to quickly become flat-out UNGUARDABLE on the court.

The problem is, no one has ever developed a PROVEN system for developing and MASTERING each of these 5 skills synergistically

Until now:


Scoring Secrets

Today, you can learn the secrets, the moves, tricks, and techniques that skyrocketed my scoring to the 24 points per game level.

These techniques are going to be your competitive advantage – your edge – throughout the rest of your career.

Trust me when I say…

  • You can finally score at WILL, from any angle, over ANY defender who tries to guard you on the court…
  • You can finally take over your league and command the respect you deserve from every single opponent you match up against…
  • You can finally get the recognition you deserve from the coaches and scouts who are about to start flying in from all over to watch your games…
  • You can finally score “points on demand” – whenever you or your team needs to put up quick points on the scoreboard, you can deliver because…
  • You finally have the green light to become the go-to guy, “the man” on your team – no one can stop you.

You’re about to realize that when you put this system to work in your game,

“Your Defender Doesn’t Stand A Chance.”

Like I said…

The 8-module system you’re finally about to get your hands on is called Scoring Secrets.

And once you learn “the secrets” of unstoppable scoring, your game is never going to be the same – I personally guarantee it.

So let’s go ahead and dive right into the actual program, the secrets you’ll uncover, and what they are going to do for your game.

There are 8 extremely comprehensive modules to the program, so let’s start here:

Module 1: Scoring Secrets of the Pros ($77 Value)

What most players don’t realize is that the truly exceptional scorers have scoring down to a science.

They know what spots on the floor create the most scoring opportunities, they know the various types of defenders and how to score against each of them, they know the ins and outs – how to use angles to cut off the defense, they know who, what, why… Even when to score during a game.

And in this module, you’re going to learn it all.

Here are just a few of the game-changing “scoring secrets” you’ll learn within module one:

  • The only 9 factors that completely control whether you become a 20 point per game scorer or sit on the bench all game long
  • The one spot on the court where you have 4 TIMES the amount of scoring opportunity – get to this ONE spot, and the defense is cooked
  • How to develop the ability to “score in bunches” at will like the REAL pros do – this is what separates the “ball hogs” from the natural scorers
  • What EVERY scout is looking for when they come watch you play, and why you simply cannot afford to pass this up if you want to get to the next level
  • Why the best scorers of all time like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan wait until very specific times during a game to unleash their most dangerous scoring techniques… And how you you can too
  • The only two types of defenders you will ever play against, and EXACTLY how to strategize your offensive game against them – if you get this wrong, you’ll get shut down by even the weakest defensive players

Module 2: Defender Control ($67 Value)

Defender Control simply IS the most coveted skill in the game today.

You’re going to master the ability to completely control your defender’s movement on the court. You will be able to know in advance what  your defender will try to do to cut you off, and exactly how to read, react and explode past them for easy buckets.

Defender Control is what separates players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan from everyone else, it’s what allows them to score literally at will no matter who is trying to guard them.

And now, YOU too have this ability.

Here are just a few of the secrets you will learn in this module:

  • The ONLY four things you ever want your defender do on the court… And the quick-and-dirty under-the-radar movement tactics to make them practically do the scoring for you
  • The one powerful – yet simple – technique that you can learn in just an hour or two that guarantees that you NEVER get pushed around by a defender ever again
  • The single most important bottom-line-truth about scoring over any defender, and why most players will never even realize it exists… And why this is to your advantage
  • 3 ways to guarantee your defender never “crowds” you again on the court
  • How to CHOOSE whether the defense backs off you, plays you tight, or tries to push you in one direction – and exactly what to do when they play right into your hands…
  • The one technique that practically injects fear into your defender and guarantees YOU the control over the matchup – and it works every time, no matter HOW “lock down” your defender happens to be

Module 3: Powerful Perimeter Moves ($47 Value)

Now that you’ve learned the specific scoring secrets and how to control your defender on the perimeter, we are going to take over the perimeter game.

You’ll learn the secrets of using angles, moves and tricks to really “work” your defender on the perimeter, AND, on top of that, we will hand you the exact moves you can use right away to really make the defense look downright silly.

Here’s just a taste what you’re going to get access to in module 3:

  • A simple 3 step process that you can use within minutes to beat ANY defender on the perimeter – if you miss just ONE of these steps, you’ll never be able to get to the hoop at all
  • The top 7 scoring moves used by overseas professionals to create space at will on the perimeter over any defender
  • How to perform secondary backup moves that create even more space when your defender manages to cut you off
  • A simple test you can perform in less than 30 seconds that results in literally twice as much first step speed off the dribble
  • The one simple technique that gets your defender on your back – behind you – so that they have no possible way to cut off your drive or block your shot
  • The one move sequence that the best scorers of all time have mastered– and how you can develop it in your own game to “play the defense like a puppet”

Module 4: Master The Midrange Game ($47 Value)

We all know how important the midrange game is – the ability to create space and knock down shots off of pull ups, pull backs and kill dribbles can literally add 8 to 10 points (or more) to your scoring average – easily.

In this module, you’re going to completely MASTER the midrange game, from A to Z.

Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover in this module:

  • Two brand-new defender control tactics (not seen in the defender control module) that are custom-built for the midrange game… And why you simply cannot afford to pass these up if you want to create space to get your shots off
  • The top 4 done-for-you midrange scoring moves that you’ll use to add a quick 7-9 points per game to your scoring average… And why using any other moves except for these 4 will kill your midrange ability
  • The only secondary backup move that actually WORKS in the midrange game, and how to make your defender fall for it every time so that you can score at will
  • The one critical mistake that almost every player makes when they are shooting a pull up jumper, and how to avoid it so that you can convert every one-dribble pull-up into two (or three) points for yourself and your team
  • How to truly “sell the drive” so that your defender is guaranteed to try and beat you to the spot… While you just stop on a dime and knock down the jumper before they can even put a hand up to contest your shot

Module 5: Explosive Finishing ($47 Value)

What do Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and Michael Jordan all have in common?

They can take contact, stay rock-solid with the ball, and finish STRONG over any big man or any defender who tries to challenge them at the rim.

And by the end of Module 5, you will too.

Here’s just a small taste of what you will learn in Explosive Finishing:

  • The two critical mistakes most players make around the rim that are getting your shots blocked and keeping you from finishing on your drives and layups
  • The four finishing moves you MUST master before ever trying another move – these moves alone will score you an extra 4-6 points per game on top of what you’re already scoring on drives
  • How to properly take contact so that you don’t lose the ball in the air, and how to finish every shot even when you get bumped by a bigger, stronger player
  • The only way to finish over ANY big man – even when they are 5 inches taller than you
  • The Footwork Series: Ever seen Kobe Bryant’s footwork around the hoop? Now you can understand exactly what makes him so good and finally develop this skill for yourself
  • How to quickly and easily beat the second line of help defense who will try to cut you off before you even make it to the rim
  • How to double your hang time within 5 minutes (seriously!) so that you can finish twice as many three point plays and impress scouts with your athletic ability… Even if you aren’t that athletic!

Module 6: Scoring Without The Ball ($47 Value)

I’ve always told my players that you can easily add an extra 8 points to your game if you can capitalize on just ONE extra scoring opportunity per quarter.

This ability truly is the secret of the natural scorers, and when you master your ability to Score Without The Ball, you’ll be able to smoothly and effortlessly pick up 6, 8, or even 10 extra points per game all within the natural flow of the offense.

Here are just a few of the secrets you will discover in Scoring Without The Ball:

  • The 3 biggest scoring opportunities on the court that most players never even notice… Just recognizing and taking advantage of these 3 situations on the court can add 6-8 points per game to your scoring average – easy
  • The two major mistakes most players make when trying to get open against tough defenders – crush these NOW and you’ll be getting your hands on the ball at will, which means more scoring opportunities and more points for YOU
  • How to know – in advance – how your defender will try to take away your passing lane, and exactly what you need to do to create space and get open
  • The only three ways you ever want to come off a screen – run your defender through these a few times, and the scouts will be taking notes from YOU
  • What to do when your teammates aren’t passing you the ball, and how to get your hands on it no matter what so that you can break that 20 point mark even when they don’t want you to
  • The Reggie Miller Cut: Use this simple technique against even the most lock-down defenders in your league and they will have no choice but to let you have the ball

Module 7: The Next Level: Advanced Inner Game ($47 Value)

The greatest basketball players in the world – heck, the greatest athletes in the world - all have the ability to raise their mental game at an instant’s notice.

They can crank things up to The Next Level when the heat is on. They are modern-day warriors with rock-solid inner-game, inner-confidence and inner strength.

In this module, we will hand you the step-by-step blueprint for becoming this Next Level type of athlete.

Here’s a sample of what you will learn in The Next Level: Advanced Inner Game :

  • Two sneaky mindset tricks every great basketball player – heck, every great athlete – uses at game time… Use these two tricks to guarantee rock-solid self confidence and inner game no matter how much pressure you’re under
  • The single most deadly reason that 99% of all athletes will never achieve their goals – and how to eliminate this critical mistake from your subconscious mind forever
  • The ONLY step-by-step goal getting process that actually works (you can throw out everything you thought you knew about goal “setting” here)
  • A simple technique I learned from studying Kobe Bryant that completely re-programs the way you carry yourself around the gym and literally attracts coaches, scouts and recruiters to YOU
  • How to guarantee that you’re moving towards your REAL goals every single day, without taking the “one step forward, two steps back” route like everyone else
  • A hyper-advanced form of visualization – that you only have to do ONCE – that completely re-programs your subconscious mind for massive basketball success

As you can see, the core 7-module training package holds a real-world value of $379 by itself.

And considering the price of high quality training information these days, most players would line up to get access to Scoring Secrets at that price.

But I’m not even close to being done yet…

“When You Become A Member Of Scoring Secrets Today, I’m Going To Send You Two BONUS Training Modules That Will Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence And Transform Your 1 on 1 Game”

We don’t offer these modules very often, but when you join in the next few minutes, you’ll gain instant access to:


Inside The Minds Of The World’s Most Prolific Scorers ($37 Value)

In this bonus module, we are going to take your Inner Game and put it completely on auto-pilot.

See, in “The Next Level: Advanced Inner Game” we taught the exact step by step process you need to go through to achieve all of your basketball goals.

In THIS module, however, we are going to flat-out hand you the self-confidence on a silver platter.

We do this through a rapid-fire affirmation-style recording in which I delve deep into the mindset tricks of the world’s most successful and prolific scorers.

Each time you listen to this audio, you’re going to find yourself in that perfect mindset to play at peak performance no matter what situation you find yourself in.

You can simply plug it in before every game and dominate. It’s THAT simple.

This audio, right here, may very well be the most valuable resource you ever acquire during your career.


The 1 on 1 Vault ($47 Value)

I’ve never done this before.

In this module, you’re going to see real live one on one footage from a game that I played against an athlete of mine.

Not only are you going to see the live one on one footage, but I’m going to completely break down each possession of the game, and tell you how I make every single move I make.

More importantly, I’m going to show you WHY I make the moves that I make, and you’ll get to learn first-hand how to completely control a defender.

This really is no-holds-barred, real-life defender control, and today, you get to see it in action.

But Wait, There’s EVEN More…

MASSIVE Launch Bonus Added – 100% FREE Before Friday, February 25th, 2011, 11:59 pm

When you join Scoring Secrets before 11:59 pm on Friday, February 25th, you’re going to get FREE Instant Access to the BEST all-around scoring program we have ever created – The Power Hour Workout.

My athletes and I have been using this program for over 2 years now, and it has become our “secret weapon” whenever we need to rapidly increase our scoring ability.

While most players slave away in the gym using the same tired, old drills that take hours and hours to complete, we have quietly been blasting forward using the most strategic, high intensity training progressions ever developed.

The Power Hour Workout is one of those progressions.

You’re going to accomplish more in this ONE hour than most players will accomplish in one week. Guaranteed.

This limited time Power Hour bonus comes complete with:

  • The Power Hour Workout Online DVD ($67 Value)
  • The Power Hour Training Manual ($67 Value)
  • The Power Hour Gym Swipe File for quick reference ($27 Value)

The total value of the Power Hour Workout is $161, and you’ll get ALL 3 modules 100% FREE when you join Scoring Secrets before 11:59 pm this Friday.

As you can see, this is NOT your average “square up your feet and use a triple threat stance” type of scoring instruction. This is the most complete, multi-dimensional crash-course in high-level scoring ever created.

With the addition of these time-sensitive bonuses, the total value of the entire 9 – module package is $503.

And as you’ll find out in a minute, you won’t have to pay a fraction of that.

This is clearly a no-brainer offer for serious players, but there’s still one big question…

“Can YOU Handle This 9 Module Crash-Course?

Let’s Find Out…”

Our program has been blessed with a 99.6% success rate, the highest in the sports training market online.

Even so, some players just don’t have the dedication and intensity that’s required to achieve truly game-changing results in their scoring ability.

So if you’re looking for a “quick fix” or “magic bullet” type of program where all you have to do is take a special pill and sit on your butt all day, I’m sorry but this ‘aint it.

If you aren’t ready to take action and put in work in the gym, then no program will work for you, plain and simple.

Success takes dedication, and even though you will be able to implement these Scoring Secrets very quickly, you’re are still going to have to go hard and put in the work to make things happen in your game.

But, if you’re the type of player I think you are, and you’re a serious, dedicated player of action, then THIS is the program that will make your basketball dreams a reality.



It’s worked for literally thousands of players already, and it will work for you too.

So let’s quickly talk about value, price and your investment today when you join.

It really all comes down to one big question…

“What Is Your Basketball Future Worth To You?”

I’ll be completely honest with you…

I’m not known for being an “inexpensive” trainer. I’ve always believed that you get what you pay for, and that serious players MUST invest in their game to be successful.

I personally paid over $1200 one offseason to learn these Scoring Secrets, and every offseason my minimum training fees are $297 per month with a 4 month minimum.

So if you were to learn these Scoring tactics on your own, you could expect to pay between $1000 and $1200.

But you’re not going to invest even a fraction of that price today.

Since we started our business, it’s been a core principle of ours to provide 10 to 100 times the value of each player’s investment with every single product we create.

So I have some very, very good news for the serious basketball players out there…

Today, you’re about to get complete access to the full 8 module Scoring Secrets course for just a one-time payment of just $67.

That’s less than half of what you would pay for a pair of sneakers (that won’t boost your scoring average one single point), and a quarter of what you would pay for most gimmicky basketball training devices that are sold online these days.

You know this is a no brainer offer. It’s the clear-cut solution for any serious, dedicated player.

So that poses the big question…

What is your basketball future worth to you?

$30 OFF… One Easy Payment Of $67

“But What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?”

“Then It’s All FREE!”

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to review Scoring Secrets and see with your own eyes that this stuff flat-out WORKS.

If you aren’t scoring more points, getting more attention from coaches and scouts, and overall dominating your league after 60 days, simply contact us at helpdesk (at) taylorallantraining (dot) com and we will refund every penny of your investment.

No hassles, no hoops to jump through – just a prompt and courteous refund.

It’s no secret that I do this with every program that I create, and it’s because I have complete confidence that it will work for you. Like I said, it’s tested, it’s proven, and it’s ready for you to put it into action right now:

“Are You Ready To Dominate?”

The truth is this…

Without the scoring techniques, moves and “secrets” within this program, it’s NOT going to be an easy road to success…

… You’re going to have to battle angry, fed-up coaches and arrogant teammates who doubt your ability to score for the team…

… You’re going to have to deal with that overbearing invisible wall that stops you short of that 20 point per game mark every season…

… You’re going to have to deal with the lurking feeling that your time is running short… That your few years to make your hoop dreams happen are running out, and that you’re missing your one and only opportunity to make it to the big leagues.

Don’t let this happen. Not today, not ever.

You only get one shot. Take action right now, and take control of your future.

The bottom line is, you’re about to get complete, no-holds-barred access to the most potent basketball scoring system on the planet.

…One that will literally transform you into an freaky explosive, dominant perimeter player, capable of scoring on ANY defender who so much as tries to step up and play defense…

The time is now. Your goals are within reach… The MVP awards, the All Star nominations, the scholarships, the pride and respect that comes with being the most prolific scorer in your area…

It all comes down to this one shot.

Take action right now, today.

  • VIP access to the Scoring Secrets members portal
  • Scoring Secrets of the Pros Online DVD and manual
  • Defender Control Online DVD
  • Powerful Perimeter Moves Online DVD
  • Mastering The Midrange Game Online DVD
  • Explosive Finishing Moves Online DVD
  • Scoring Without The Ball Online DVD
  • The Next Level: Advanced Inner Game Online DVD
  • Bonus Module #1: Inside The Mind Audio Track
  • Bonus Module #2: The 1 on 1 Vault Online DVD

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